Why cats can't eat fish


If we talk about natural cat food, the first thing that comes to mind is to include fish, as this domestic cat has always been represented in our culture as a lover of this food. If there is something clear, the simple smell of fish drives any cat crazy.

The truth is that, for example, fish oil for cats brings many benefits, just as fish provides nutrients that are important to our cat, however, it is important to know how this food should be included in our pet's diet. Can cats eat fish? We deal extensively with this topic in the following Animal Expert article.

Fish can be a good food for the cat

The fish gives the cat protein, an essential nutrient for your body, in addition, if we talk about blue fish, this food is an excellent way to contribute healthy fatty acids, which among other virtues, will help the cat to look bright and strong fur.

However, you should keep in mind that some fish interfere with the absorption of the B vitamins, on the other hand, the fish does not provide vitamins as important as the K, which is essential for blood clotting.

All this leads us to a clear conclusion for the moment: the cat can eat fish, but the fish cannot be the basis of your diet since we would not be getting complete nutrition.

Excessive intake of fish could cause thyroid problems, allergies and vitamin deficits, therefore, moderation is key.

What fish are not good for the cat?

Any fish could really be good for a cat, as long as it is not excessively present in the diet. Of course, there are some foods that we should do without. The fish that we must not contribute Our cats are the following:

  • Salted or cooked fish with lots of salt.
  • Canned fish, because they contain some toxic substances.
  • Smoked fish, for its high salt content.
  • Marinated fish

How to give fish to a cat?

Fish It can only be given raw if it is fresh and freshly caught, that implies going to the fish market and making sure that the genus received is due to a recent fishing.

In this case the best option is to give it raw, but this is not going to be daily, among other reasons, because the cat obtains generous proteins from the meat and also, an excessive consumption of raw fish would cause a vitamin B1 deficit.

If the fish is not fresh, in this case we will boil it, without adding anything else. Of course, we talk about light cooking, since it would be unnatural (as much as I think, according to the most naturopathic veterinarians) to provide the cat with 100% cooked fish. Sporadic consumption of fish in the context of good cat food is adequate, and your cat will love it.

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All extremes are harmful to health

Both excess and lack of fish can be harmful to the animal's health, in this case the cat. If you feed only raw fish would end up having very low levels of vitamin B1, because fish contain thiaminase (an enzyme that causes this effect), and it would soon take serious problems such as seizures or even, in severe cases, could die.

You also have to keep in mind that there are several fish that contain mercury, in addition to bacteria, so it is always recommended to cook them. Another option is that of give you good quality cans for cats (I think wet) that contain fish, because that way you make sure that it will not do any harm to you since it is already perfectly washed and cooked.

Raw fish can be toxic

In addition to the symptoms that we have mentioned, the cat may present other equally worrisome, such as: vomiting, fever, or diarrhea. In severe cases you may end up having the yellow fat disease (pansteatitis).

So, if your hairy asks you for fish give it without fear, but, I insist, always cooked or in high quality cans prepared for these animals, and only occasionally (for example, to celebrate their birthday 🙂).

As we have seen, fish is only toxic if it is abused. Otherwise, it can be used to make your friend happy.

There are too many myths about the relationship between this food and cats

We always want to conceit our pet. We try to maintain a balance in their diet to avoid diseases. As owners, we know there is a myth about giving raw fish as food.
We all know that cats love fish, their smell drives them crazy. We question whether it is okay to give him a piece of fish.

Truth or myth?

Cats can eat fish, it is more to give it in a raw way, it will be best to assimilate all the nutrients.
However the fish cannot be the base food of your diet. This is because the fish does not have all the vitamins that the kitten needs.
It should be added in the diet, but not in a followed manner. Also, always choose a blue fish since its fatty acids They will be perfect for him to look bright and very healthy hair.