Does your cat have dandruff? Write down these tips.


Like humans, dogs can suffer dandruff and as in our case, dandruff can be related to a seborrheic dermatitis (fatty dandruff) or it can be dry dandruff.

Even a peeling may be due to atopic dermatitis also in dogs. Each type of dandruff requires treatment and care in order to try to prevent its reappearance.

If you think your dog may be suffering from dandruff this article is for you, we will treat the Dandruff in dogs along with tips to cure and prevent it. Keep reading!

Dandruff in dogs is more than an aesthetic problem.

Dandruff usually goes accompanied by itching sensation and dogs do not hesitate to scratch, so it is not uncommon for injuries that can become infected. This problem is more pronounced in cases of dry dandruff and atopic dermatitis.

In addition dandruff problems in dogs they can get worse with stress and with the changes of season. In cases of persistent dandruff there is always a problem with some type of fungus.

How to eliminate dandruff in dogs

In the cases of rebel dandruff, our pet's anti-dandruff treatment should start with some product, usually a shampoo, that includes some active substance that combats what is perpetuating the problem.

At the same time it is very important that the veterinarian tells us what type of dandruff it is, because the products that are going to be used will be different. If it happens to you as it happened to Xi Wang, who in a first diagnosis confused his dry dandruff with fatty dandruff, you can start to tremble. With a single application of the treatment shampoo he ended up with a serious dermatitis, and that is that Xi Wang is almost atopic. The product they gave him to cure him made his problem worse, he scratched himself more and finally. With the proper diagnosis the thing was much better.

Once the shock treatment for the rebel cases has begun, the evolution of the skin of our dog will tell us if it needs a smoother usual treatment, if we have solved the problem forever or if, most commonly, it will be repeated once or twice a year. The veterinarian usually prescribes suitable hygiene products to the imbalance in the skin that our friend suffers. Products for dry dandruff or for atopic skin contain a lower load of surfactants (detergents) so as not to dry your skin further, while those for puppies with a tendency to seborrheic dermatitis will include some sebum-regulating active.

How to prevent canine dandruff

Once we have overcome our pet's dandruff outbreak, we must be vigilant because it can be repeated. The dandruff prevention in dogs It happens to use products adapted to the needs of your skin, and sometimes to attend to food.

Thus, dogs with dry skin problems or atopy tend to improve their skin conditions when they eat fish-based feed, as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Remember that you should always consult the veterinarian before making a sharp change in the feeding of our dog and that the change must be made little by little.

In addition, atopy is more than a dermatitis to use, it appears in dogs with several allergies. Feed made from fish and rice, or fish and potatoes, are usually hypoallergenic and well tolerated by atopic puppies. There are fish with blue fish, which are usually the best for the skin, but there are also versions made with white fish for dogs with problems of overweight.

In cases where there is a clear relationship between dandruff and stress, dogs will benefit from long walks. There are also feedstuffs in the market with a very mild soothing action, totally harmless, or even some very mild sedative drugs, for use in specific periods. For example, when the school year is restarted, if the human with whom the dog establishes a closer bond is a child.

In the case of feed, they are given a package (1 month or whatever lasts) and if we talk about the capsules of special medicinal plants for stressed dogs, a few days. Both products can be administered to older animals or with heart disease, an advantage over conventional pet sedatives, which are also very powerful and leave the animal shaded.

The latter are used in other circumstances, so before asking for a painkiller for our dog, as always, we will consult with the veterinarian and also explain the type of anxiolytic effect we are looking for and for what. You can also use homeopathy to avoid the use of drugs.

Homemade recipes to relieve dandruff in dogs

When the dog has been injured by scratching, we can relieve the discomfort and itching of the skin by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil In the last shampoo.

  • IMPORTANT: The concentration of the mixture should not exceed 1%. That is, for a 200 ml bottle of shampoo, we add 1 ml of lavender essential oil, or at most two.

Lavender is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing. Of course, it is advisable to do a test in a small area because the animal could be allergic to this plant.

Another trick to disinfect areas with dandruff and prevent our dog from scratching is to apply a little bit of them tea tree oil. But, and this is very important, this only works if our dog, noticing the unpleasant taste, stops scratching. Otherwise it would end with poisoning gastroenteritis by tea tree oil itself. What can be done is to add a few drops of tea tree oil to our dog's usual shampoo in a similar way as I just explained in the case of lavender oil.

The tea tree is not as calming as lavender, but it usually works well in cases of fatty dandruff. Again it is necessary to do the allergy test in a small area before using that shampoo on all our friend's fur.

Frequency of bathing in dogs with dandruff

Occasionally dandruff in dogs may be due to excessive hygiene or the use of unsuitable bath products.

Products intended for humans should not be used in dogs because the pH of our friend's acid mantle is different from ours. There are a few exceptions in that there are products that serve both, the general rule is not to use the same product.

Under normal conditions, dogs with dry dandruff should bathe once a month and those with fatty dandruff twice, each with the right products for your skin type. When the animal requires more frequent baths, special products should be used, which are those that are intended for exhibition dogs, and allow a weekly bath without harming the skin. The range usually consists of shampoo, conditioner with which the skin is massaged to moisturize it, and sometimes some cosmetic product to prevent hair dryness.

The hair dryer, if used, should always be used at a low temperature and at a distance. It is best to do without it if time permits and if the animal does not have any disease that discourages it from being wet for a while (osteoarthritis, arthritis).


  • The problem of dandruff in dogs can have serious consequences if not addressed (infections or lacerations caused by the animal).
  • The first thing is to distinguish the type of dandruff of our pet and use products appropriate to the needs>

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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Causes of dandruff in cats

If you notice that your cat scratches more than the bill, it would be convenient to see if it has white spots on its skin. Although it is easier to distinguish it in black-haired cats, you should pay special attention to lighter-haired cats.

Before removing dandruff in cats, it is very important to know the cause that cause it:

Dry skin

If your cat does not drink enough liquid, or through water or food, it is very likely that the skin will dry out and later a peeling occurs.

This dryness can also be caused by a low fat diet, In this case we refer to good fats, such as those provided by omega 3 fatty acids. So it would be advisable to give our cat a supplement so that this deficiency does not occur.

Although it seems strange to you, one of the causes of our cat having dandruff is overweight. If your pet is obese, you should look at the base area of ​​the tail and the lower part of the spine. Surely you will wonder why you should observe these parts. It is very simple, since being chubby you can not clean those areas well.

If this is so, it would be convenient to put your cat on a diet, but the fastest way to tackle the problem is to help you clean the areas where he does not arrive. You can do it with a damp cloth or with a towel.

There are some mites called cheiletiela or Cheyletiella that are commonly known as "walking dandruff." In this case you must be careful, as it is contagious. That is why we recommend that you take your cat to the veterinarian to provide some shampoo, spray or lotion to eliminate these mites.

If your cat's dandruff motive is mites, it is recommended clean all your things like your bed, combs or toys, To avoid infecting us.

How to treat your cat's dander

First of all, you should avoid bathing your cat and much less use anti-dandruff shampoo for people. You better brush it to remove dead skin.

Your cat should always be well hydrated, so you have to ensure that you never lack fresh and clean water every day. In this way, you will prevent the skin of your little cat from becoming dehydrated and the annoying dandruff appears.

Incorporate tuna into your cat's diet, You can put a spoonful in your feed every day, so you will provide more fat to your pet's skin.

If the cause of dandruff in your cat is obesity, Do not hesitate to take him to the vet and put a specific diet for him, Changing your diet In addition to disappearing dandruff from your hair, you will enjoy better health.

It's better to prevent

As the saying goes "prevention is better than cure." That is why we are going to give you some tips so that the dreaded dandruff does not appear in your pet's hair. Remember that your pet's health is in your hands, so you must dedicate a daily time to the attention of your cat.

Brush your pet every day. In this way, you will eliminate the loose hair of your cat and dead skin cells, since over time they could be the cause of the appearance of dandruff in your hair.

Try to make your cat have a healthy life, with an adequate diet rich in omega 3. Try to exercise daily. We recommend that you play with your cat, in this way, in addition to exercising, your bond will be strengthened and a happy cat.

You can also help feed your cat with essential fatty acid supplements, which help normalize cell function.

Obesity and poor diet are usually behind the problem of dandruff in cats

What are these little white things that lately I find everywhere? It seems dandruff but I don't have dandruff ... It seems to come from the cat and ... Eureka! Your cat has dandruff and you wonder, but can cats have dandruff? Yes, dandruff in cats is relatively frequent although the causes that cause it are not the same as in humans.

The best is that in most cases Dandruff in cats can be treated and there are usually three fundamental factors that cause this ‘white snow’: overweight, dry skin and some mites called Cheiletiela that are dangerous. Lack of moisture or poor nutrition are also triggers of dandruff in cats.

Before treating it you will have to know why your cat has got dandruff.

Why dandruff appears in cats

Obesity If dandruff has come out on the top of the loin and just at the beginning of the tail is that your cat is overweight and dandruff has come out because he can't wash himself well in that area.

Solution: Put the pussy on a diet no matter how much it hurts in your soul and look at you with the eyes of lamb slaughtered when you eat sirloin. But while losing weight you can help keep yourself clean by cleaning the areas you don't reach with specific wipes.

Dry Skin: Usually due to lack of humidity in the environment. Cats not only remove moisture from the water they drink and from food but also from the air.

Solution: Place humidifiers and make sure you never lack water. You can also add more moist food in your diet.

Nutrition Healthy body, shiny hair. Poor nutrition can lead to nutritional problems and lack of vitamins that result in less shiny and rough hair.

Solution: First give your cat quality feed to which you can add Omega 3 that contain essential fatty acids for cat health. Soon you will notice it in his skin and in his hair.

Cheyletiellosis: It looks dandruff but it isn't. These are mites that are under the skin and "push" up so that skin scales, which are confused with dandruff.

Solution: Go to the veterinarian to start a treatment, usually based on shampoos or lotions and you should clean the whole house since these mites can pass to other pets and even the human being.

What you should not do to treat dandruff in cats

Don't bathe it with a dandruff shampoo for humans. They are useless and the cat will take the dislike of the bathroom.

Don't bathe it with your usual shampoo either because the skin may dry out more and the solution is worse than the disease.

Avoid dandruff in cats

There is no better action to prevent dandruff in cats than prevention. First, pay special attention to food. Surely you have heard many times that of ‘we are what we eat’ because with cats the same thing happens. Choose a suitable feed rich in meat proteins.

Brush your pet regularly It helps remove dead skin cells and they love it. Hair that stays there and does not work can also cause dandruff.

And finally the bathroom. If your cat is already an adult and you have not been accustomed since childhood, you better not try it or you will end up wetter than him. You have to get used to them when they are little. Although there is also the option of dry shampoos.

Shells, shells! Don't wait for your cat to have dandruff. Giving pampering and affection is essential, but if we later neglect their hygiene and food, this kind of problem can appear. And what is cool to show off cat with soft hair!

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