My cat doesn't get fat but eats well: What happens?


Many owners worry when they notice that their cat is getting fat. Castrated cats need a third less food than they ate before and gain weight quickly if we do not monitor them, which poses a real risk to their health.

Why is being overweight a problem?

Many diseases appear more frequently in overweight cats. Unfortunately, these cats also tend to be less comfortable and happy. Some of the most common problems that appear in overweight cats are:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Skin problems
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Heart problems
  • Increased risk of cancer

Cats over 7 years of age are at risk of death almost 3 times higher than cats with adequate weight. That is why it is very important:

  1. Keep your cat thin
  2. Help you lose weight if you are already overweight

How can I know if my cat is overweight?

Examine your cat in the following sites:

  • Under the abdomen and between the hind legs - is there a "hanging apron" or a fat michelin?
  • Along the ribs - can you feel the ribs if you press lightly to pet the cat? If you can't, you probably have too much fat.
  • From above - see image below

Why are you overweight?

Most cats are overweight due to an excess of food, and it is very easy to understand why. We quickly observe how happy they seem with some goodies or with new foods. However, if your cat has to keep fit, he will have to learn to live with less food. You will have to compensate by paying much more attention!

Some advices

Your veterinarian is the person who can best help you establish a proper feeding program for an overweight cat, but these tips may also be helpful:

  • Cats should make several small meals a day. If you spend a lot of time away from home, try a "food ball" or an automatic food dispenser
  • If the cat asks for food, instead, offer caresses and give extra attention
  • Make sure you reserve some time to play with him every day - distribute him with new toys or simply use crumpled paper
  • Buy a high scraper and encourage your cat to climb it
  • Think about having a kitten that can keep your cat company. Ask your veterinarian which breed would be the most appropriate
  • Beware of cat treats - they contain a lot of calories
  • Ask your veterinarian to recommend a weight control food

Your veterinarian can help you confirm if your cat is overweight and recommend the steps to take to ensure he stays happy and healthy.

Cat feeding

The changes in their diet as the change of brand can be another reason that can cause weight loss in our pet, although we do not observe neither diarrhea nor vomiting there can be internal changes due to the new feeding. The best we can do with any questions we have is to go to the Vet consultation and make a diagnosis to find the source of the problem. Feed very basic or of poor quality It can affect the health of our cat causing nutritional deficiencies.

Another cause that can cause our animal eat and not get fat It is a disease that is usually accompanied by more symptoms such as excessive hair loss, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, etc . It is very important to talk with the veterinarian and tell him everything we have observed since the cause that is triggering these symptoms will have to be sought.

In addition to the above conditions, there may also be digestive problems from the mouth such as missing teeth, mouth infections, etc. You may have problems from the digestive tract, such as stomach ulcers, stomach or intestinal gas. There may also be tumors that do not show any symptoms other than weight loss. There may also be a beginning of renal failure that if we are not attentive can lead to a chronic renal failure .

Surely the veterinarian will perform a blood test and other urine To obtain a diagnosis and thus be able to confirm or rule out the presence of the aforementioned diseases, if finally the cause that our cat does not fatten but eats well is a disease, the veterinarian will be in charge of putting our pet the best treatment to combat it.

Possible solutions

If your cat is one of those who eats a lot and does not get fat you must put into practice three basic measures:

Food control: If you have been feeding it for a long time with the same routine and the same foods it is recommended that you do a total change in the different foods but this time add some nutritional supplements.

Go to the vet: This way they can do the necessary studies and be able to rule out any disease. This It's fundamental For the health of your pet.

Attention: Surely your cat occupies an important place in your life therefore, give it all the attention The hygiene that your pet needs is of vital importance for the development and enjoyment of the good health of your pet.

To avoid any kind of scare and keep track of your mood and your health. Go once a year to perform a check-up to stay more calm. And remember, animals are like people and it is better to keep a check to enjoy them and all their energy.

Simple causes

We will start with the simplest thing that we sometimes overlook. We can have a catvery energetic and that it is very difficult for him to settle for what we give him to eat. It usually goes around and does not eat, so sometimes we opt for not-so-nutritious meals and lose weight. They are cats that play a lot, jump, run and sleep little. In these cases, we should increase the rations or choose a more nutritious food for them and see if it continues without gaining weight or, on the contrary, begins to regain its ideal weight.

He psychological stress It is usually one of the main causes that explains why your cat eats well but is very thin. It may be due to changes in habitat such as moving, abandonment of a member of the household's family, be it animal or human, many hours of solitude or, on the contrary, too much activity in a house where there was none. This happens a lot in grandparents' houses that spend a season with grandchildren and cats are forced to have an extra activity that they didn't have before. There may be depression due to the death of an owner and / or partner or, new members of the family.

The feed changes They are usually another reason that causes weight loss in the cat. We must keep in mind that although we do not see diarrhea and / or vomiting, they may be going through internal changes due to the new food. It happens a lot when we switch from commercial feed to homemade food. They tend to change their habits, since in the homemade food we force them to eat when we put the plate and we do not leave it there during the whole day so that they eat when they are hungry, as is the case with dry feed.

Diseases that can cause the cat to be very thin

In general, when weight loss associated with diseases occurs, it is common to witness other symptoms. There may be hair loss or dull hair, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, increased thirst, etc. It is very important to talk with the veterinarian about this and comment on everything observed, since you will have to look for the cause that is triggering these symptoms.

Although there are several pathologies that can cause the cat to eat well but be very thin, the most common are usually the following endocrine diseases:

Normally both are associated with cats over 6 years.

In addition to the above conditions, there may also be digestive problems from the mouth, such as the lack of teeth, infections in teeth or gums, etc., to the entire digestive tract, such as stomach ulcers, inflammations, stomach or intestinal gas. There may also be presence oftumors that still do not show another symptom than the decrease in body weight. Likewise, there may be a beginning of renal failure, that if we are not attentive it can lead to chronic renal failure with everything that this disease brings with the years.

Diagnosis and treatments

When we detect that our cat loses weight we must go to the vet to take the corresponding exams. We must tell you the possible simple causes that fit our feline so that in the medical history he considers them and determines the best treatment to follow.

Surely, the veterinarian will perform a blood test and, perhaps, one of urine to make the diagnosis, and rule out or confirm the presence of the aforementioned diseases. If finally the cause that explains why the cat eats well but is very thin is a disease, the specialist will be responsible for stipulating the best treatment to combat it.

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Yes, proven: cats recognize their name when you call them

Why get fat cats and why it is increasingly common to see in the feline houses of twelve kilos, with a supposedly gentle aspect that is mistakenly attributed to the good Health of the animal? "If there is no pathology or a medical treatment, the cat gets fat because the income of calories is higher than the expense, ”he explains Maria PifarréVeterinary The fundamental answer is, then, as with humans, in the balance between the calories they spend with their activity daily and those who ingest through their feeding.

But what may seem simple, a game of addition and subtraction, is complicated on a daily basis by the lack of time to devote to the cat so that play at home, and for him excess from food that the owners give their pets with the best intention. The balance between a diet correct and the exercise Daily physical are the keys to preventing obesity or get the cat lose weight If you have already gained weight.

It is advisable for cats to exercise to avoid getting fat. Nils Jacobi

Become aware

Risk of diabetes or osteoarthritis

Because overweight is not a minor matter. It favors that the cat ends up suffering diseases serious as the diabetes, or suffer more frequently infections urine. “They are very complex pathologies to treat and are serious, they can even cause death of the animal if it cannot urinate, for example. It also favors the osteoarthritis”, Highlights Pifarré, member of the Consell de Col·legis de Veterinaris de Catalunya (CCVC).

And if the cat ends with diabetes and must be injected insulin On a daily basis, their quality of life and also day to day at home are very compromised. “Overweight decreases the hope from lifetime of the cat and causes serious complications of the animal's health ”, emphasizes the veterinarian.

A woman caresses her pet. Spiny Peanut

Take care of the food

Watch out for extra food

One of the first difficulties that veterinarians encounter in queries is to do understand to the owner of the animal that the cat isobese And that being overweight is a problem for your pet's health. “We tend to think that if a cat is chubby it's because it's healthy, that's fine, ”says Pifarré. And quite the opposite happens.

"We don't like to be told that we are doing something wrong," explains the veterinarian. Raising awareness among owners is essential, as it is also detecting if there is a trouble in the way of giving food to the cat “There are those who give one toextra foundation to the cat for download yourfrustration”, The veterinarian warns.

That a cat is fat is not synonymous with health, but quite the opposite. Spiny Peanut

Make it move

Play more and daily with him

Get a cat to do more exercise physical It is not a simple task. With a dog, lengthening the rides diaries can burn more calories Without major complications. With felines you have to get increasing basically the time ofgame between the human and the animal, which forces to dedicate daily and more or less scheduled more time to the pet when we are at home.

Experts recommend simple activities, which have fun and motivate the cat, like games with a ball. If the cat already has very overweight, it will be necessary to add the difficulty that the animal will have to exercise and its tendency to sedentary lifestyle because moving will be more expensive.

Playing with the cat at home helps the animal lose part of the calories it eats. krblokhin

Nourish it well

You need a specific diet

Veterinarians recommend that cat feeding be done with diets specific to felines instead of trying to offer them food varied and balanced, something much more difficult and complex. Don't forget that the cat, like Hunter, is a carnivorous strict. “There are fantastic diets in the market to lose weight, with an increase in fiber and a relationship protein balanced ”, recommends Pifarré.

Nourish Well, an animal is different than simply giving it food. The way cats have to feed, very selective, adds complexity, since unlike canines, who eat two or three times a day, felines feed sporadically, when they are hungry.

A common European cat of three colors, eating. FUNDACIÓ AFFINITY

Be patient

It cannot be pretended that the overweight cat, which has normally gained weight in three or four years of poor diet and poor exercise, becomes thinner fast, which would counterproductive.

“It has to be done very slow, we can't pretend to lose two or three kilos every month, ”warns the veterinarian. Yes each month you get the animal to lose some 150 grams, you are on the right track.

"Yes each month you get to lose some 150 grams, you are on the right track ”

The controls Monthly veterinarians should ensure that the cat is losing weight properly, without losing mass muscular. If you do not receive the appropriate amount of protein it will also be harmful to the wellness of the feline, who will lose muscle strength and have less desire to exercise.

A common European cat resting in a garden. FUNDACIÓ AFFINITY

Castrates tend to gain more weight than sterilized

There are other factors that also influence the weight of the animal. “The cats of race are more likely to be obese than cats European, the most common felines. A european cat with 12or15kilos is a aberration”, Warns Pifarré. The cats castrated they also have “20% more likely to gain weight, ”explains the veterinarian, because her daily activity is lower. Do not the same thing happens with the catssterilized (to those who have not had their sexual organs removed) because in their case, having the same hormonal activity, the energy expenditure is the same.

When a cat has already fattened and being overweight it is not easy to break the dynamics of weight gain and start burning fat. “It's a fish that bites its tail, the obesity often causes pathologies and decreases themobility of the cat. If the cat has a harder time moving, the tendency will be to reduce daily energy expenditure, ”explains the veterinarian.

A woman offers a bowl of meat to a cat. ablokhin