120 Names for Cats (male and female) and their meaning


And if popularity is spoken, Estrella is also a very used female cat names and that is that 16 people chose to place it in their mines and they surely know that it was the best option they could have taken, because this is such a cute name as subtle

There are names for female cats that are truly elegant and “Gala” is one of them, in addition to being in one of the most used and favorite by kitten owners who bet to go beyond conventional names. There are already approximately 15 mines that are called “Gala”.

While it is true that referring to your minina as "kitten" is very cute, it is not a very common name, so using its abbreviation "Tita" will be great and your cat will have a name as cute as original, but especially popular, They are 15 people who have decided to put this name to their pets.

18. Juliet

Is there a more romantic name?

Romeo and Juliet will always be an icon when love stories are involved. So for sweet and super sweet mines no name would be more perfect than this, since it has been demonstrated with at least 14 kittens that are called that.

This female cat names will definitely be ideal for a very flirtatious and captivating kitten. It also meets some of the essential requirements to choose the correct name, such as being short and blunt Your minina will always react when you call her! For something 14 people decided to put this name to their cats.

The popularity of this name led at least 14 people to put Cinnamon to their mines. So if you don't know how to call your kitty right now Think no more! Also if your pet cat has a fur with shades of beige or brown, Cinnamon is definitely the name.

You may have heard this cat names before, because that is the name of a famous designer and a Disney movie that also bears this name, but

Did you imagine that you could place your minina like this?

This name would be ideal for a very flirtatious and also naughty kitten, because this name is definitely as sweet as it is energetic.

93. Garfield

The fictional lazy cat from the comic strip called Garfield by Jim Daves, has the famous phrase "I hate Mondays" and became so viral that people began to call their mines like that.

Garfield was released in 1978 and since then, the story of this orange and black striped Tabby cat, lover of Italian lasagna, took over television and several generations. This story is based mainly on a fat, cynical and selfish cat whose favorite distraction is to torment his master Jon and annoy the dog Odie, who lives with him.

This kitten with his arch nemesis are the protagonists of a very funny story called "Tom and Jerry." Tom, is the name of the bluish gray-haired miniature who always lives frustrated because his "exploits" and "wits" are not enough to catch Jerry.

The comedy cartoon series was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1940 and represented a boom in children's television for years, and its main character was so renowned that people began to choose to call their cats in this way.

95. Wild

"I thought I saw a cute kitten" phrase that has characterized the eternal rival of Tweety Bird, that is, Canary Piolin (this name varies according to the country). Every time Tweety pronounces these words, it almost automatically indicates the appearance of the mischievous Wild on stage.

Silvestre, that white cat with black and red nose, which simulates that of a clown, is as famous as it was awarded, as three of his cartoons won Academy Awards and also participated as one of the protagonists in two Oscar-winning films .

This pussy became much more famous next to Tweety, due to the fun it was to see his failed attempts to catch the canary and to be discovered by its owner, a nice grandmother, is punished immediately. However he has also debuted in Speedy Gonzales, Hippety Hopper (Boxer Kangaroo) and Looney Tunes Very coveted by television!

A pretty white kitten, produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, embodies the fictional main character of the animated series Hello Kitty, whose first broadcast was broadcast in 1987.

The protagonist of the cartoon is characterized by wearing a bow or some other decoration on her left ear. This name is a favorite for many, due in large part to its popularity, which led it to consolidate “Hello Kitty” as a large and well-known brand and also to the flirtatious sound of naming it.

97. Doraemon

Doraemon is a blue cosmic cat that comes from the 21st century and represents one of the best-known manga and anime in the history of Japanese animation, so much so that currently in Japan it is still being transmitted, although its beginnings were a few years, in 1969 specifically. Although this name may be a little more extensive than recommended, it is still a good proposal to call your pussy.

Azrael is an orange kitten with a small wound in his right ear, which appears for the first time in 1959 debuting in the comic "The Smurf Thief" as a companion of the sorcerer Gargamel and also shows that he sees these blue friends as food. The pussy appears to be a quiet cat, but in turn very impatient.

This is the name of one of the protagonists of Rasca and Pica, a cartoon preferred by The Simpsons, especially by Lisa and Bart. The animated series can be considered as a parody of the Tom and Jerry cartoons. It also has a tilde that satirizes violence in children's television programs If you are a lover of the Simpsons and social criticism this name for your kitty is ideal!

100. Lucifer

Definitely this kitten is as lazy as it is tremendous or maybe something "evil", because it is always on the hunt for mice that are Cinderella's only friends. Lady Tremaine is the cinderella and mistress stepmother of Lucifer, a plump-textured cat that most of the time she threw away, but when she sees the rodents pass, she immediately puts on a mischievous look and a merciless smile.

Sabrina's best friend the teenage witch. Salem is a black cat, ideal as a pet, since it has the qualities worthy of a pussycat, it is intelligent, fun, independent, sarcastic, egotistical and most importantly: it is a faithful companion. So if your kitten is similar to Salem, it's in the perfect name.

Are you a fan of the Dragon Ball anime? A great name for your kitten would be Bills, a purple pussycat created under the inspiration of an Egyptian cat and who is referred to in the cartoon as "the God of Destruction." Also if you have a cat of this breed source of inspiration for this character, do not hesitate to put this name It would be very top!

Classic and traditional names for cats

Normally these names "clichés" have the particular characteristic of starting with the letter "m", this may be because it is customary to call the mininos with sounds like "mich", "mizu" or "meow". If you prefer to go for sure, the best thing to do is not to give yourself headaches with such complex names and try these more classic ones.

Dare to turn something cliché into something extraordinary! Remember that you make it special.