My dog ​​has dandruff and scratches a lot, what do I do?


Have you noticed that your dog has dandruff and his hair falls out lately? A careful, clean and healthy coat is the letter of introduction of our dog. But the mantle is not just a matter of aesthetics, since various alterations in the health of our dog can manifest itself with the appearance of dandruff, abundant hair loss or, directly, areas of alopecia. Hence the importance of taking care of our dog's hair and paying attention to any alteration. In this Animal Expert article we will focus on the Causes and solutions of dandruff and hair loss of our dog. Keep reading!

Healthy and molting hair

The first thing to know is that the quality of the hair is determined by a set of factors, among which the concentration of hormones, nutrition, genetics or the frequency of brushing and washing. A problem in any of these aspects will be reflected in the mantle and can be a cause of conditions, as we will see. Thus, hair can become scarce, break, dry or lose shine. All these circumstances will be indicative of a health problem and, on the contrary, a healthy, abundant and shiny hair is a reflection of the good health of our friend.

In virtually all dogs there will be a loss of hair in the moment of the molt, which will take place At least once a year and, usually, two, one in spring and one in autumn. Now, in dogs that live indoors, with constant artificial lighting, molting can occur throughout the year. Therefore, this way of losing hair is completely normal and does not involve any pathology. During the change, brushing the mantle is recommended, even several times a day, to help remove excess hair.

Dress normally, now, why does your dog have dandruff and his hair falls out?

Food, one of the main causes

As we have commented, there are different factors that intervene in hair quality. If our dog has dandruff or hair loss abnormally and without other symptoms, the first thing we have to think about is feeding. By changing it, the mantle should regain its luster in a short time. If we are feeding our dog with homemade food or with a low quality feed, we will have to switch to a higher quality feed, following the recommendations of our veterinarian. If we are already providing you with quality feed, we can look for another variety within the same range. Nowadays there are multiple options on the market and there are many feedstuffs with ingredients specially selected to favor hair care and prevent our dog from having dandruff and hair loss.

Dandruff and loss>

Sometimes, the dog has dandruff and the hair falls out indicates a disease that can be hormonal, parasitic or allergic. In these cases, we can observe a symptomatology that, depending on the condition, may include itching, wounds, baldness, bumps, redness, pustules, symmetric or asymmetric hair loss, etc. Before this table we must go to the veterinarian so that, through the relevant tests, identify what is the cause that is causing the mentioned symptoms. From the diagnosis, the appropriate treatment will be established, which, logically, will depend on the condition. How general guidelines to prevent Dandruff and hair loss of our dog we can point out the following:

  • Keep a correcthygiene in terms of brushing and washing, with a frequency that will depend on the type of mantle and with the products and accessories suitable for the characteristics of our dog.
  • Provide a adequate food to the condition of our dog so that it covers all your needs>

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If your dog has dandruff and his hair falls out, it can be scabies

But do not worry. Normally, dandruff has a simpler explanation whose solution you can reach yourself. In this article we will teach you to identify why this dermatological problem has occurred and what to do to stop it.

The main reason why a dog can have dandruff is because it has poorly hydrated skin. To remedy this is achieved through different means. The first is to make sure your dog always has clean, fresh water at your fingertips. Do you come home many times and find your dog's drinking trough empty? If the answer is yes and it is something that has happened for several days, you may not be putting all the water you need in your body. Make sure this does not happen again.

A home remedy for dog dander? It's easy, improve your diet

In addition to trying to drink more, You also have to guarantee quality food. The diet you eat may not provide you with the necessary nutrients to have a healthy, hydrated skin with the necessary oils to avoid dryness. Our online veterinarians will recommend wet food cans and homemade recipes that you can make yourself to nourish it better.

Anyway, there is a trick with which you will always be right: that what makes you decide what I think to buy is not the price. Look at the package and make sure that the ingredients in your food are natural, that the proteins are of quality and that they guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.

We tell you this because the vast majority of a dog's dandruff problems do not have their origin in scabies or something serious, but in bad nutrition.

My dog ​​has dandruff on the back but eats very well

If what is brought to the mouth is not the problem, you have to look elsewhere. Improper cleaning of your puppy's hair can cause dandruff, due to its defect but, above all, due to excessive bathing. The soaps you use at home can prevent you from generating the oils that your body needs to be naturally hydrated.

Therefore, not only do you have to worry about giving him food rich and specific for his age, race and weight, you also have to use cleaning products prepared for his health. Never wash it with a soap for humans, do not let water enter your ears if you want to save yourself an otitis, never use hot water and never let it leave the bathroom while it is wet.

The correct way to wash your colleague is to protect his ears, put the warm water, start with the spine and follow the legs. Dry it with care and get your specific dog dryer so you don't have a drop in the fur. As for its duration or frequency, contact our online veterinarians, tell us their age, race and weight and we will give you accurate information about it.

We help you choose a specific anti-dandruff shampoo for your dog

Continuing with hygiene, you have to get used to brushing your hair frequently. The removal of dead tufts will help you not develop dandruff. In addition, he will love that you spend some time at his side giving him pampering, stroking his mane and giving him pampering.

The latter is important. In addition to cleaning and food, the other factor that most influences the appearance of dandruff is your mood. A sad dog, who is not paid attention, who does not feel loved and who is not animated, you run the risk of your immune system becoming depressed, which facilitates the entry of parasites, diseases and dandruff.

In short: feed your colleague well, bathe him well, brush his hair frequently, play a lot with him and see how dandruff ends up disappearing. Of course, check with our online veterinarians that it is not a case of scabies or thyroid.

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